Friday, February 15, 2013

My new Kindle ebook: Evidence for the Existence of God

I just published a new Kindle ebook on evidence for the existence of God for $0.99 on Amazon. Check it out here, and if you want to review it, I'll email you a free copy!


  1. What kind of review are you looking for? Something on Amazon? Something on my blog?

  2. Amazon reviews. It's a very short Kindle ebook (about the length of a single chapter in a printed book).

    If interested, email me at martinkulp at gee! mail! dot com and I'll send you the link to the book and you can then whip me up a review on the book's main Amazon page. Doesn't have to be long. Amazon review run the gamut from essay-length to a single sentence. :)

  3. Ohh, so that's you! Great book! I, Elliot Bougis, reviewed it and have gotten pingbacks that my review was helpful to other shoppers.

  4. Ah! Hello! Yes, that is I. I used a pen name (real name is Martin) so that if I write more books I can keep each "author" an expert in his own topic.

    It sure isn't selling too well, though. I think I need to be more hype-y. Maybe I could write one of those "Proof of the Afterlife!" books, but instead of using near death experiences as the evidence, I'll use Thomistic and Cartesian arguments for dualism.